MNA Daily NewsScan, November 9, 2012: Congrats Rep. Erin Murphy


Rep. Erin Murphy Is New House Majority Leader   House Democrats have elected former MNA Executive Director, Erin Murphy as House Majority Leader.

Hurricane Sandy Update   Aid to victims of hurricane Sandy is still very much needed.  The AFL-CIO is coordinating with United Way to raise funds to help families devastated by the disaster.  Here’s the link to help.


NY Subway Repairs Border on “the Edge of Magic”    Workers traversed darkened, slippery tunnels, inspecting sludgy tracks, equipment and third rails. Even the subway map itself was reimagined, as bright lines were faded to represent downed service.


New York’s Ongoing Blackout:  Hospitals in Lower Manhattan    Long after power is restored from Sandy, the effect of another more-precarious outage is still taking shape: Some of the largest hospitals in lower Manhattan remain shuttered. Other hospitals are scrambling to fill the gap, and concern is rising that the patchwork system can’t last for long.