MNA Daily NewsScan, November 7, 2012: Elections Reflections; Long shifts=RN burnout


Election Results are a Victory For All Families   AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the Obama win moves nation on a “path of sanity and shared prosperity.”

After Winning Back Legislature, Dems Take Care Not to “Overstep.”    Spending the last two years in the minority has been a sobering experience for DFLers. But it’s also been educational. They’ve seen what happens when a majority party jams things like marriage and voting amendments onto the ballo without bipartisan support.


Affordable Health Care Act Survives – Barely   Preserving the ACA was not a case of America putting its best foot forward.  Healthcare reform was instead tied to a boulder for a spell–while some drunken  extras from “Deliverance” held a knife-throwing contest.


Long Shifts Lead to Nurse Burnout and Dissatisfied Patients   “When long shifts are combined with overtime, shifts that rotate between day and night duty, and consecutive shifts, nurses are at risk for fatigue and burnout,
which may compromise patient care.”