MNA Daily NewsScan, November 13, 2012: Hospitals mine data for self-promotion


Hospitals Mine Patient Data for Self-Promotion   You might not know it when you seek care from some of central Ohio’s hospital systems, but your health information makes you a potential marketing target.


Patients Shy About Requesting Providers Wash Hands   Only 64 percent and 54 percent of patients indicated that they would feel comfortable asking nurses or physicians to wash their hands, respectively. Still fewer patients (14 percent) reported having ever asked a healthcare worker to wash their hands.


WalMart Workers Organize Action for Black Friday   Walmart workers are trying to organize a single massive strike on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, and the “official” start of Christmas shopping season). And they’re using social media to muster the troops.

Oh, and then there’s this:  WalMart Employees Will Pay More for Health Plans