MNA Legislative Report 2023: Nurses’ Fight for the Anti-corporatization of Healthcare in MN in 2023

Corporate healthcare executives hold too much power over patients, nurses, and our political process. The same hospital CEOs who refuse to solve the safe staffing crisis are holding our elected officials hostage to inaction. From donating to anti-nurse politicians to running ad campaigns against nurse priorities, hospital executives are the root cause of our profit-driven healthcare system in Minnesota.

Nurses and allies must continue to stand up to corporate power by organizing, both in the workplace and at the Capitol, to match the power of corporate healthcare’s profits with true people power. Nurses’ recent fights at the bargaining table and at the Capitol reveal that the public opinion is on the side of nurses, and consistent, strategic action by nurses, patients, and healthcare advocates has revealed significant wins in the fight against the corporatization of healthcare in Minnesota. It’s time for hospital CEOs to be held accountable to patients, not profits.