Proposed M Health Fairview – Sanford Health Merger

The merger has been canceled. Statement on dissolution of planned merger between Sanford Health, M Health Fairview

In November 2022, M Health Fairview and Sanford Health announced a proposed merger. The move would put control of the new healthcare conglomerate under the control of Sanford executive leadership in South Dakota, the health chain that recently paid out a $49.5 million golden parachute to their disgraced former CEO after he spread medical disinformation.

Read the MNA press release about the proposed merger

Learn more about the legislation that was recently passed to address these types of mergers in Minnesota

Healthcare at a Crossroads: An Examination of the Proposed Fairview-Sanford Merger

Our new report explores how the proposed merger of Sanford Health and M Health Fairview will turn into a massive new healthcare chain. The 24-page report includes a review of scholarly studies on the effects of healthcare mergers on patients, workers and communities, as well as a review of the corporate policies pushed by hospital executives at Sanford and Fairview, including closures of facilities and units with their focus on the bottom line. Read the press release about the report. 

“A merger between these two systems would create one of the largest healthcare providers in the Upper Midwest and could dramatically change the lives of patients, healthcare workers, and their communities,” the report states. “Mergers make our hospitals less accountable and less connected to communities, resulting in higher costs for patients, reductions in services, and increased burnout for healthcare workers. We urge the Attorney General and elected officials to continue to act in the interest of patients, workers, and their communities and prevent the further entrenchment of corporate healthcare in Minnesota.”

The report dives deep into the concerning history of corporate healthcare policies pushed by executives at Sanford Health and M Health Fairview. At Sanford, while pursuing frequent mergers to grow the geographic footprint of their hospital chain, executives have slashed local services. The new study summarizes reports from Minnesota nurses on the services that have been eliminated since Sanford Health took over their community facilities.

Minnesota Attorney General’s Office Seeks Input from Community

After the proposed merger was announced, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office began seeking community input on the proposed merger. In addition, Attorney General Ellison is holding four public meetings in January 2023 about the proposed Fairview & Sanford merger.

Before the first meeting in St. Paul on January 10, MNA nurses joined healthcare workers, patients, and community members to speak out in opposition to the proposed merger. Speakers included members and leaders from MNA, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota & Iowa, the Minnesota AFL-CIO, and the Minnesota Farmers Union.

Watch the press conference
Watch remarks from MNA Member Erika Helling, RN, and MNA Executive Director Rose Roach

MNA nurses attended all the meetings, and several have joined other workers and community members to speak out about why we strongly oppose the merger.

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