Come Out to Vote November 7


By Eileen Gavin

Eileen Gavin
MNA Political Organizer

MNA Political Organizer

In a few days, residents of St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Duluth will choose their next mayor and city council members, respectively. Polls will be open 7 a.m.– 8p.m. Tuesday, Nov 7. Elections are critically important for nurses, patients, and working families. MNA members need to come out and ensure that candidates who share nurses’ values are elected.

MNA has endorsed Dai Thao for St. Paul mayor. “He shares nurses’ progressive values and has committed to actively supporting nurses on our top issues including safe staffing in hospitals, single-payer healthcare, collective bargaining rights for all workers, and Earned Sick and Safe Time,” said President Mary C. Turner in a press release.

In Minneapolis, MNA Nurses voted to endorse Raymond Dehn, state representative from north Minneapolis. “Dehn shares nurses’ beliefs and vision for healthcare as a human right for all,” said Turner. “He will advocate for nurses’ priorities like access to quality, affordable healthcare; collective bargaining rights for all workers; and the opportunity to succeed no matter where people live or who they are.” Nurses also made endorsements of candidates for each ward of Minneapolis and Duluth City Councils. (For full list click here)

MNA endorses candidates after nurse leaders look closely at a candidate’s position on issues that directly affect nursing, healthcare, and working families. The endorsements are the result of members on the respective endorsement committee voting for each candidate in each race, and the final result of a vote by the members of the MNA Board. MNA endorsements are not based on party or ideological issues that are not related to nursing. Any MNA member is welcome and encouraged to participate in this process.

Let nurses’ voices be heard and get out to vote on Tuesday. Remember, every employee has the right to take time off work to vote without losing your pay, personal leave, or vacation time. (see Minnesota Statutes 204C.04 and 204C.08 Subd.1d).

If you aren’t sure where to vote-click below for your polling place.