Why in the World Would I Spend Time Phone Banking?

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By Sarah Simons, RN

Why in the world would I spend time phone banking? This is an honest question and one that I will try to answer from my perspective.

First, as a Union nurse, I am paid pretty well at my job, so I no longer have to work two or three jobs or find other ways to pinch pennies that are time-consuming. So, I actually have a little more discretionary time to do the things that I could literally not afford to do before. The adage, to whom much is given, much is required may hold true here. For folks who feel deeply about this election who are in low-wage jobs, spending three hours to phone bank may not be feasible. This is not intended to be a guilt trip: there are a lot of ways we can spend time that benefits others; even spending time in self-care indirectly benefits others. But what I have found is that phone banking in COVID-19 circumstances is doing something for others and something for yourself.

For instance, with the Activate system that plays a little jazz tune between calls, you can turn off the camera and do some physical therapy exercises to strengthen your back or yoga stances, if that’s your thing. This system is ingenious; it makes it very easy to spend a couple of hours talking to people. It allows you to take a few moments to record the highlights of a call and then moves on only when the volunteer is ready.

It is the talking with people, fellow MNA members, that is really the best part. While it is true that some people list their spouse’s number, or have a strong reluctance to talk about politics, by and large, nurses enjoy talking with other nurses. Phone banking allows me to do one of the things that nurses do best: connect with people. We talk about what is important to them, what is happening at their workplace, and our opportunity as Union nurses in the 2020 election. We talk about our nurse-driven endorsement process, the candidates unique to their districts, and the value of voting.

The most important reason for me to phone bank is that THIS ELECTION MATTERS! Talking to people about their voting plans and encouraging them to exercise their right to know and their right to vote is Advocacy 101 for our communities and our nation. Sign up today!

Sign up for a virtual phone bank here: https://mnnurses.org/events/?eventCategory=4


  1. You rock! I enjoy phone banking with you!

  2. Very good article! We absolutely need to contact others whether it be by phone, at work, in public,etc and let them know how important this election is. Do you want to live in a socialist country run by a bunch of bolshevik communist types that want to increase governments power, lessen local police and thus safety for citizens, take away or severely limit your ability to defend yourself and loved ones from harm and danger,increase taxes logrithmically, destroy the constitution, continue and increase unborn baby butchery, make it impossible for small businesses to survive never mind thrive, etc, etc or do you want to help keep the greatest country in the world great, powerful, safe with it’s government’s goal to keep its citizens,us, as it’s 1st priority? I’ll do my part and you do yours.
    The old ER RN
    PS—MAGA and KAG

  3. I agree in regards to reaching out to others about this very important election. The choices are obvious. On one side are the usual socialist, bolshevik, communist leaning types who want to grow government, tax,tax,tax, destroy and impale businesses, continue the unborn baby butchering increasing it all the more, becoming more dependent on foreign governments such as China, reducing and eliminating local police,taking away your personal protection via gun confiscation from honest tax,paying citizenry, etc,etc, verses the side that wants to decrease government control of individuals, putting the USA 1st in all matters,saving unborn lives,making rural and urban areas safe for people,allowing and helping businesses to thrive, shutting down violent groups such as antifa and articulating that all lives matter irregardless of race, age, born or unborn, color or creed. I’m doing my part and you must do yours. Reach out,tell those with misunderstandings of current events what is really happening. Happy voting!
    The old ER RN
    PS–MAGA and KAG

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