Set up a free financial planning appointment

Dorval & Chorne is actively scheduling meeting dates and times with individuals and workshops at your hospitals for the MNA Financial Wellness Program. The best way to schedule meetings is by emailing Ellen Kvenild at or calling her at (612) 436-3714. To schedule workshops email Dan Dorval at or call him at (763) 795-9168. Scheduling via email is easier if you are able to provide the following information in your initial meeting inquiry:

  • Provide some dates and times that work well for you to meet at our Maple Grove office. Dorval & Chorne will do their best to accommodate your schedule and will let you know if your preferred dates and times are already filled. Meeting times are often available within a week or two of your inquiry.

Meetings at their Maple Grove office are available Monday through Friday and times tend to be more flexible. Dorval & Chorne does not offer evening or weekend meetings in general, but will consider exceptions in unique situations.

Keep in mind that Dorval & Chorne also offers meetings via remote video conferencing (Zoom Video Conferencing) for those RNs who may not be able to easily make it to Maple Grove. Ellen is the primary point of contact for scheduling a meeting date and time, but be aware you may receive follow up (email reply or return phone call) from any of the Dorval & Chorne team members, especially when Ellen is unavailable.

Maple Grove Office Location:

Dorval & Chorne Financial Advisors
11242 86th Avenue North
Maple Grove, MN 55369

The process for bargaining unit chairs to set up workshops at your facilities:

  • Provide at least one month’s advance notice of the date, time, and location of the training. Dorval and Chorne cannot guarantee availability on any date, but they need at least a month lead time.
  • To request a workshop, email Dan Dorval at Dorval and Chorne. Whenever communicating with Dan, please also copy the MNA Education department
  • For in-person trainings, at least 12 members would need to RSVP at least one week before the date of the training, otherwise we will have to cancel.
  • Establish a lead coordinator to work with Dorval & Chorne to set up the event.
  • If your bargaining unit does not participate in the Twin Cities Pension, please provide Dorval and Chorne information on what kinds of pensions or defined-contribution plans your bargaining unit has in advanced of the seminar.
  • Dorval and Chorne may be able to do virtual training if that works better for smaller bargaining units. If this is something you are interested in, please contact Dan.