Press Release: Save GAMC Coalition Statement on today’s House override attempt

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Statement of the Save GAMC Coalition on House override vote

Members of the Minnesota House today had the opportunity to hold to their vote in support of the men and women on General Assistance Medical Care and override the Governor’s Veto. Thirty eight  Republican House members who voted in support of this legislation last week have now changed their minds and voted against health coverage for the poorest Minnesotans. The Administration is already beginning to un-enroll people on GAMC and transition them into MinnesotaCare, a program that is more costly than the DFL plan and simply will not work for those currently on GAMC. As a coalition, we continue to ask how  are people  living under bridges, in snow banks and on fish houses on Lake Mille Lacs supposed to receive these notices?

This vote was about the people. It is about Cassie, a mother of two who has relied on GAMC for her mental health needs after an unexpected job loss. It is about Gary, a Vietnam veteran whose son is now in Afghanistan, who needed GAMC as a bridge to his Veteran’s benefits. It is about the poorest and most vulnerable Minnesotans.

The Legislature has been working on a solution to this program for over nine months.  Democrats and Republicans have been part of that process over many months. It is disappointing to hear House Republicans now argue – the week the notices are sent out – that they did not have enough time to talk about solutions. The legislative proposal is the most cost-effective solution for GAMC, offering protection to our hospitals and the patients they serve.

The men and women on GAMC are resilient. Most manage to live on $203 a month, often suffering from chronic medical problems, often with unstable housing.  We will continue to fight to protect health coverage for the 77,000 Minnesotans who rely every day on this program.

The campaign to Save GAMC continues.  Visit <>  for more information.