Nurses show Thief River Falls Sanford benefits are scary

Nurses in Thief River Falls spent Halloween afternoon telling the boss to stop playing tricks with people’s lives.  Sanford Health recently announced it would implement monstrous cuts in its insurance package, forcing nurses to pay double what they’re currently expending  for premiums and co-pays.

The changes are simply devastating to working families.  “We’re on the street and hope this action will make Sanford management decide to listen to us, our families and every employee of this hospital,” said Bargaining Unit Co-Chair Tiffany Eidelbes.

Nurses were joined on an informational picket line by MNA nurses from Bagley, Bemidji and the  Twin Cities, along with other staff members from the hospital.  Bargaining unit members who were on the job during the 2-hour collective action, made sure they spent their break time delivering apple cider and words of solidarity to their colleagues on the line.

Nurses were greeted with hearty cheers, lots of honks and waves from community members driving by the picket line.

On a cold day in northern Minnesota, the warmth of camaraderie steeled an already determined nurse group.  “Everybody is standing together,” said Eidelbes. “And we’ll continue to stand up for what is right, because if we don’t, nothing will change.”

View a video clip of the action here.