MNA Nurses Endorse Candidates for Minnesota Legislature


Contact:  Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662

Amber Smigiel
(o) 651-414-2849
(c) 651-202-0845

July 22, 2020 (St. Paul) – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has voted to approve the first round of endorsements for legislative candidates, based on candidate questionnaires and recommendations by nurse members on various screening committees. MNA asked candidates to identify their positions on multiple issues important to bedside nurses, like appropriate staffing levels in hospitals, adequate PPE supplies, and reforming the current health care system. Some candidates were interviewed by local screening committees comprised of members who are constituents of candidates. Those nurses made decisions on which endorsements to send to the  nurse-elected MNA Board.

“Nurses are proud to support these candidates,” said MNA President Mary C. Turner. “Without exception, these champions of nurse issues have shown their willingness and ability to stand up for Minnesota’s patients, our nurses, and the safety and equity of all of us who call Minnesota home.”

Nurses continue to screen candidates and move them through their screening and endorsement process. MNA will be announcing more endorsements in state legislative races in the near future. All the candidate endorsements can be found here: 

District 5: Rita Albrecht
District 14: Aric Putnam
District 19: Nick A. Frentz
District 34: Bonnie Westlin
District 35: Jim Abeler
District 37: Jerry Newton
District 39: Josiah Hill
District 43: Charles W. Wiger
District 45: Ann H. Rest
District 48: Steve Cwodzinski
District 49: Melisa Franzen
District 52: Matt D. Klein
District 56: Lindsey Port
District 61: D. Scott Dibble
District 63: Patricia Torres Ray
District 64: Erin Murphy
District 65: Sandra L. Pappas
District 66: John Marty
District 67: Foung Hawj

House of Representatives
District 05A: John Persell
District 06B: Dave Lislegard
District 07B: Liz Olson
District 19A: Jeff Brand
District 20B: Todd Lippert
District 34B: Kristin Bahner
District 36A: Zack Stephenson
District 40A: Michael V. Nelson
District 42A: Kelly Moller
District 42B: Jamie Becker-Finn
District 44B: Patty Acomb
District 45B: Mike Freiberg
District 48B: Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn
District 50A: Michael Howard
District 50B: Andrew Carlson
District 52A: Rick Hansen
District 56A: Jessica Hanson
District 56B: Kaela Berg
District 57A: Robert Bierman
District 61B: Jamie Long
District 63A: Jim Davnie
District 64A: Kaohly Her
District 64B: Dave Pinto
District 66A: Alice Hausman