MNA Calls for Kroll’s Resignation and End to Systemic Racism in MPD

MNA Calls for Kroll’s Resignation and End to Systemic Racism in MPD


Contact:  Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662

Amber Smigiel
(o) 651-414-2849
(c) 651-202-0845

The Minnesota Nurses Association joins the Minnesota AFL-CIO in calling for the resignation of Minneapolis Police Union President Bob Kroll and an end to the systemic racism that continues to permeate the Minneapolis Police Department. The murder of George Floyd and the response by Kroll once again demonstrate that racism is endemic to the Minneapolis Police Department and the Minneapolis Police union. It is evident that racism and white supremacy begin at the very top of the Minneapolis Police union by the words and actions of its very own President. Kroll continues to minimize the killing of unarmed black citizens by officers and promote symbols of “white power” within the department.  This behavior is not acceptable from any leader, much less the leader of a union.

Union members must call out inequality, and nurses especially have a responsibility to stand up for their patients’ rights and well-being.  As nurses, we see how systemic racism results in reduced access to healthcare, poorer health, and threats to basic safety. Nurses call for responsibility, transparency and justice, and we believe that this starts with the resignation of Bob Kroll. If there is any government action that deserves to be analyzed, it is how those with power treat those without. It is time to dismantle the systems and leaders in power who perpetuate racism.



  1. Hurrah, glad to see we took a step and stance that it so important to our organization and members.

  2. You’re right, racism does affect health and so do other things like being beat senseless by 2x4s, having your only neighborhood grocery burned to the ground, getting maced, sprayed with a fire extinguisher and strangled while in a motorized wheelchair and other kind-hearted gestures all done with the compliments of liberal socialist groups like antifa and blm. Any cop with any sense should resign and let the hoards fend for themselves. Good luck with that. So if the mna is going to take a stance on this issue it should take a stance against the looting and violence done this past week and if not then should keep their hypothetical stances to themselves.
    The old RN

  3. We all have to learn no matter the age or childhood upbringing to disengage from the racist unspoken rhetoric that permeates our society and denies the basic human rights of racial equality.

  4. Glad that MNA called for the resignation of this scourge on our city. Bob Kroll has set a terrible example for the Police Federation membership—who of course are armed and hired to “protect and serve” ALL the people of our community. Not unlike Nurses who are charged with caring for ALL patients at a time when they are most vulnerable.

    We need serious reform in the Minneapolis police department, with dangerous officers removed. Fundamental reforms cannot happen with Bob Kroll in a leadership position.

  5. Thank you for making a statement regarding Bob Kroll. He is a detriment not only to the Minneapolis Police Federation and Department, but every union. We must all hold each other accountable for our actions that impact the community health and welfare.

  6. Don’t know or care who Bob knoll is. The important issue is the vote to defund and disband the police department. Really? This proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that socialist liberalism is a severe mental disorder. If you truely believe that this is a good idea then you truely need help. Choosing anarchy over civilized society is grounds to have you committed, put on a 72 hour hold,evaluated by someone who knows what the real world is, and medicated accordingly. And now we see the complete hipocracy of the mna in the complete betrayal of a fellow union namely the Minneapolis police officer’s union. Way to go mna management you bunch of low life hippocrates and thanks for showing the world who you really are namely a self serving bunch of losers that aren’t worth your weight in cow dung with total disregard to your fellow citizens.
    The old retired ER RN

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