Minnesota Nurses Asking for Public to Donate COVID-19 Protective Masks

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Contact: Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662

Amber Smigiel
(o) 651-414-2849
(c) 651-202-0845

(St. Paul) – March 20, 2020 – Nurses are calling on Minnesotans to help with the drastic shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in Twin Cities hospitals. The Minnesota Nurses Association is accepting donations of N95 masks, which will be distributed to the State Emergency Operations Center to distribute to nurses who are running out at their respective hospitals.

“We’ve received numerous emails and calls from well-wishing patients and their families,” said MNA President Mary C. Turner. “They’re asking if they can donate to the nurses who are on the frontlines and caring for patients every day.”

MNA will accept new masks at its offices at 345 Randolph Avenue, Suite #200 in St. Paul. The office is closed, but a limited number of staff will be present to accept donations.

“Every mask collected means a nurse will be less afraid to go home to their families at night,” Turner said. “Re-using masks is potentially dangerous for both nurses and patients. And if we can’t keep nurses safe, we won’t have nurses to care for patients.”

Where:        MNA Office, 345 Randolph Avenue, #200 St. Paul, MN 55102
When:         Saturday, March 21-Sunday March 29 from noon until 2 p.m.
Why:           To replace the shortage of certified N95 masks in Minnesota hospitals
How:           Come to MNA office, remain in car, staff will accept masks
What:          Certified N95 masks from healthcare or construction uses, new and unused


  1. Are you accepting hand sewn masks in the mean time?

  2. We would like to help in whatever way possible.

    I wanted to reach out as we are beginning the production of masks for use in the medical industry. We are a local manufacturer based out of Monticello with a sophisticated textile sewing department.

    While I do understand that we will not be able to provide the N95 masks, we believe it is our obligation to support in this fight by providing the next best thing.

    Currently we are working on programming our CNC cutting table to help streamline production of cut patterns. I would love to connect with somebody for advice on how to make something that is more beneficial than simply a bandanna.

    Do you have some time for a quick phone call or any words of advice?

    Thank you,

    Chase Marshall
    Suburban Manufacturing Group

  3. Are you accepting home sewn masks? If so, can you provide a link to an approved pattern? Many sewists would love to donate!

  4. I’m interested in donating home sewn masks as well.

  5. I too would like to make masks for health care professionals …. these will be made at home I am an experienced sewer.

  6. I heard there was a need for hospital gowns but have yet to find any more info. Is there still a need for homemade gowns anywhere? I would be more than happy to sew those instead of the masks.

  7. PS. I meant the PPE gowns for hospital staff, or booties, bouffants, etc. Less small sewing.

  8. Our neighborhood website has a link to a Blue Cross Blue Shield site with info. and mask patterns, but the cotton masks only go to their health system. My RN son works in the COVID 19 unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul with only a paper mask to protect him. His hospital is not on the list to receive the cloth masks. Can this program be expanded to help other Twin Cities and out-state hospitals?

  9. I am willing to sew masks if needed

  10. There appears a shortage of 1/4” elastic.
    I finally placed an order with Amazon that will be delivered sometime in May. Does anyone know differently? I’ve got 100 masks cut out and ready to sew.

  11. Today I bought a roll of 200 yards of 1/8 inch elastic for $15.00 including shipping on Ebay. It is due to arrive on Mar 31st. They had white & black available.

  12. I have two unopened boxes of N95 masks, Stanley brand from Home Depot, that I bought in 2009 when I was a school nurse, in anticipation that the H1N1 outbreak might be more severe than it turned out to be. The two boxes are exactly as they were when I bought them, that is, the box lid is taped with one short piece of scotch tape with air gaps all around the lid where it isn’t taped. The boxes have been stored in a cupboard for almost eleven years. Plus, I have one open box also from 2009, and I see from inspecting it that the masks are not individually wrapped and the whole contents of masks are not covered with anything inside the box, just sitting bare in the box. Are these masks from 2009, not sealed tightly in either the unopened boxes or the opened box, suitable for donation? If yes, do you want the open box too? If they will not be used, I will keep them. Thank you. God bless Minnesota RNs, LPNs, and MNA.

  13. I love to see as well and would love to see as many masks with a 2 ply material which will be little thicker for better protection ,these may be washed as well with 0 waste! Let me know if I could help in this way- Dorina Costa – 651-408-4846 please call or text

  14. April, 7th ,2020
    Do you still accept homemade masks ( the one with pocket to insert filters)? I made 100 masks here. Tell me the address so I could mail express to you. I refer to mail than bring it to hospital. Thanks

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