Anti-Racism Training (Morning) NNU Workshop

Tuesday, Jun 25 2024, 10:00am–Tuesday, Jun 25 2024, 12:00pm


Racial and Gender Justice module for MNA
June 2024

The goals for this 2-hour module are to:
1. Understand how gender oppression and structural racism affect nurses and our patients.
2. Introduce gender justice and racial justice to nurses.
3. Identify ways that union nurses can confront and overcome these issues in our facilities and beyond.

NNU’s Social Justice and Equity division will begin the session introducing social justice unionism to frame the discussion. Calling on the experiences of participants, this session will utilize interactive activities in both large and smaller groups and will include recorded testimonies from union nurses to further ground participant learnings.
We will discuss how nurses can leverage their collective power and professional influence to imagine how institutions, agencies and individuals address injustice. This module will prompt nurses to imagine what changes might be necessary to move the needle in their facilities and communities.

• Grounding in NNU Vision of Social Justice Unionism: 25 min.
• Racial Justice for Union Nurses: 45 min.
• Gender Justice for Union Nurses: 45 min.
• Closing: 5 min

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