Honors & Awards Deadline

Monday, Jul 1 2024, 12:00am–Monday, Jul 1 2024, 12:00am

Honors & Awards Nominations Deadline is July 1, 2024.

MNA’s Honors and Awards ceremony is an opportunity to recognize the achievement and dedication of MNA members. Nominate someone who deserves to be given the spotlight.

1. In order to be involved in the nomination process, the nominee and nominator must be members in good standing.*
2. The nominator reviews the awards/corresponding criteria and chooses a member* that exemplifies the award.
*NOTE: The nominees for the Public Official Award and the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Social Justice Award do not need to be MNA members.
3. Nominations may be made by individual members or member groups.
4. Recipients of a previous award are eligible to receive other awards.
5. Information related to the selection criteria and the completed nomination form can be shared with the nominee.
6. The nomination form must be received in the MNA office no later than July 1. If July 1 falls on a holiday or weekend, form must be received by the following working day.
7. The nominee and nominator will be notified of the award selection within adequate time to request time off from work.
8. There is an awards banquet during the annual MNA convention where the nominee and nominator may be recognized.

Honors and Award Decision Making Process Policy

AWARDS (click the name of the award for online submission)

PRESIDENT'S AWARD honors the member who has made sustained and substantial contributions to the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) through active and involved participation in organizational activities.

The DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD honors the nurse who displays sustained and substantial contributions to the health and well-being of the community within which they live and work.

The CREATIVE NURSING AWARD honors the nurse or nurses who recognized a specific health care need and developed a new and/or creative approach that improves the quality of health care for an identified population.

The AUDREY LOGSDON/GERALDINE WEDEL AWARD honors the nurse or nurses who have contributed significantly to nurses and/or nursing practice through collective bargaining activities.

The RUTH L. HASS EXCELLENCE IN PRACTICE AWARD honors the nurse involved in direct nursing care who has demonstrated expert knowledge and practice in a selected clinical area of nursing and is recognized by their peers as a role model of sustained, consistent high quality nursing practice.

The NURSE EDUCATOR AWARD honors the nurse involved in nursing education who has demonstrated expertise in the teaching of nursing and is recognized by their peers as a role model of sustained, consistent, high quality teaching.

The PUBLIC OFFICIAL AWARD honors a local or state public official who, through involvement in policy making at the local or state level, has placed a high priority on influencing policy which assists the MNA in reaching its goals.

The SARAH TARLETON COLVIN POLITICAL ACTIVIST AWARD honors a nurse or a group of nurses who serve as a role model for nurses because of activities above and beyond those of the general nursing community, to further the political presence of nursing, and/or to accomplish change in public policy that is positive for the nursing profession.

The NURSE RESEARCHER AWARD honors the nurse(s) who made a significant impact on nursing practice through the use of research.
“Significant impact on nursing practice” means that the nurse has contributed to nursing knowledge through research findings; and has improved or created a plan for improving clinical nursing practice, patient outcomes, or the working and/or teaching environment for nurses.

The MENTORSHIP IN NURSING AWARD honors the nurse or nurses who have demonstrated mentorship through sustained and significant leadership to nurses/nursing students by modeling values, attitudes, and behaviors consistent with those of the profession. The mentor(s) accepts the individual(s) and provides guidance to realize their potential.

The PAUL & SHEILA WELLSTONE SOCIAL JUSTICE AWARD honors the nurse, elected official, or community leader who demonstrates a lifetime achievement of working to better the lives of others by increasing their access to quality health care. The recipient speaks out courageously and consistently for others as Paul and Sheila Wellstone did during his career in politics and community activism. The recipient is a person whose unwavering voice on behalf of those who have none is clear and undiminished by political tides. This person exemplifies the words of Paul Wellstone when he said, “We should never separate the lives we live from the words we speak.”

The ELIZABETH SHOGREN HEALTH AND SAFETY AWARD honors the nurse or nurses who have made sustained and substantial contributions to the health, safety, and well-being of the nursing community in which they work.

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