Important COVID-19 update from MNA Executive Director

Dear MNA members,

MNA wants to assure you that the work of the union continues even with the global COVID-19 pandemic being declared. MNA is prudently abiding by the precautionary principle, meaning we will not wait until we know for sure that something is harmful before we take action to protect our member’s and staff’s health. As such, MNA has an organizational crisis plan developed to ensure members continue to receive representation.

MNA will be canceling all in person meetings at the MNA office and shifting to virtual meetings. Additionally, we are canceling both our large Day on the Hill and mini-days on the hill while shifting to virtual lobbying. I want to encourage you to consider having union meetings via virtual options, such as conference call, GoTo Meeting, etc. Please work with your Labor Relations Specialist who can assist you in setting up such virtual meetings.

MNA is in the process of gathering preparedness information from each and every facility we represent to ensure our members are provided the maximum protections as they face the possibility of encountering a COVID-19 positive patient. As part of this information gathering, we are asking you to take the following survey to let us know how prepared your hospital is:

MNA is also working closely with our national affiliate, National Nurses United (NNU), and other unions representing healthcare workers, to provide updates regarding system preparedness, or lack thereof and help bargaining unit leaders prepare a plan of action if necessary. Please check out MNA’s specific COVID-19 link as well as NNU’s for updated information and materials related to this public health crisis.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to talk with your Labor Relations Specialist or call the MNA office and ask to speak with a member of the MNA management team. Thank you for all you are doing to care for your patients and protect the public during this difficult time.

In Solidarity,

Rose Roach, Executive Director