Communication Skills and Public Engagement

Communication Skills and Public Engagement

How can a nurse talk about experiences at work with friends or family? How can we communicate about workplace joys and frustrations on social media platforms? These courses focus on building communication skills which are applicable in all areas of our lives.

HIPAA: Learn how the Privacy Rules concerning HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) should be applied in the workplace. Learn to recognize and avoid HIPAA violations, and also to advocate for the correct application of employer policies.

Effective Use of Social Media for Union Members: Wait! Before you type that hilarious post about what a patient called you last night, or about what your boss said, sign up for this workshop! Too often employees are unaware of the relationship between an employee’s rights to concerted activity and an employer’s right to protect a company’s reputation. Examine how to communicate effectively using social media with fellow union members, while avoiding the posts that could result in discipline.

Designing and Leading Presentations: It’s likely that at some point in your personal or professional life you will be asked to give a presentation on a certain topic. Don’t automatically open up a PowerPoint and start typing! Join this workshop and learn how you can improve the design and delivery of a presentation.

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