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Day 4 of negotiations at the Fairview Table!

This is my fourth experience at the negotiations table and never have I felt like the sides were so far apart.  We continue to hear about take aways – take away my insurance, reduce my seniority rights, take away valuable benefits from our valuable nurses who work at .4FTE and more.

I am not hearing from management what can be done to ensure an appropriate environment to allow us to provide quality care for our patients.  What can we do to attract and keep intelligent, ambitious young men and women to nursing?
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Hello fellow registered nurses!

I am writing about our experience at bargaining with HealthEast on April 20, 2010. The day started out beautifully with over 50 RNs showing up at the Bethesda lobby to support their bargaining team and to welcome management as they arrived for today’s session. We are confident that management got the message that RNs are unhappy about what HealthEast is trying to do to our profession.

The management team seemed uneasy as they tried to explain their proposal to us today. Maybe it is because they don’t believe in what they are being told to do, or maybe it’s because over 50 registered nurses welcomed them as we started the day?
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