MNA Daily NewsScan, October 10, 2012: Hospitals add 8k new jobs in Sept.; Adequate nurse staffing a universal problem


Hospitals Add 8,000 New Jobs in September   Altogether, the healthcare sector added 43,500 jobs last month–more than a  third of the 114,000 jobs the U.S. economy added in September.

Mayo Clinic Adds Bismark Hospital to Network   The Mayo Clinic has added Bismarck-based St. Alexius Medical Center to its national network of hospitals, its first medical center in that part of North Dakota and its 10th in the past year.

The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records   As health care providers adopt electronic records, the challenges have proved daunting, with a potential for mix-ups and confusion that can be frustrating, costly and even dangerous.

New Style of Health Care Emerges to Fill Hospital’s Void   Without building a hospital, one large chain, Continuum Health Partners, is establishing a beachhead in Chelsea and the Village by connecting with outpatient clinics, trying to dominate the market and create a feeder network for its hospitals in other neighborhoods. It is joining forces not just with traditional clinics but also with newer experiments like doctors working out of drugstores.

As Health Care Companies Expand, Cost Savings in Doubt   The research is clear, experts say — hospital mergers and consolidations historically have led to higher prices, no matter the rosy promises to the contrary. There’s little evidence that quality improves, either.


The universal problem:  In Belfast, Nurses Worried About Staff Levels   Nurses say staffing levels are poor at Northern Ireland’s five health trusts, according to research out today.  A survey of 2,000 nurses found that almost 60% perceived problems with staffing levels and a significant number claimed they are being stretched to the limit.

Docs Healthier Compared to Nurses and Other Professions  Doctors appear to be taking their own health advice and as a result are in better physical health compared to those in other professions, even nurses, according to a new Gallup survey.