Are you prepared for the future? We often plan for major life events like retirement, buying a house, college education, weddings and more, but are you ready for life’s unexpected expenses like the water heater breaking down, emergency car repairs, going on strike?

Do you know how much you should save on a regular basis? MNA nurses now have two easy ways to figure out how much you should save by using our Rainy Day Fund calculators.

The original calculator (below) asks for detailed information and will give you a very accurate picture what you need to save.

The new calculator is a a simplified, shorter version if you’re looking for a more general estimate. Just choose which calculator fits your needs, enter your financial information, and get started!

Whether you’ve been putting funds away for a long time or are just getting started, MNA has more resources to make it as painless as possible. Log in to the Member Center for more resources on saving and planning.