Nursing Practice Symposium

Nursing Practice Symposium

MNA’s nursing practice symposium provides a forum to discuss threats and challenges to the nursing scope of practice and ways MNA members can uphold their nursing code of ethics. These workshops will examine nursing standards of practice by discussing the nurse practice act, nursing ethics, and current societal issues that impact the nursing profession.

Nursing Scope of Practice: Protecting the professional judgement of nurses is a core MNA philosophy. It’s critical that nurses are able to practice to the full extent of their education and abilities, in order to create a culture wherein nurses are proud of the quality of care they deliver to patients. Sign up to explore current threats to nursing practice and discuss solutions to these challenges.

Nursing Ethics: Imagine a hospital or a clinic whose every policy and procedure reflect the highest standards of nursing ethics. Does the facility where you work reflect that? Have you experienced policies that do not put patient safety and family well-being first? What should MNA members do when they are asked to violate their professional Code of Ethics? Join us for this course to discuss pressing ethical issues at the bedside and, more broadly, in healthcare.

Societal Forces Impacting Nursing Practice: How is nursing responding to the changing environment, political climate, and social media scene? In this class, we will examine some of the social issues that are affecting current nursing practice. Join us to discuss how nursing practice can meet modern challenges and changes in healthcare.

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