Nurse Staffing Symposium

Nurse Staffing Symposium

There are many challenges confronting nursing today from policies that erode independent nursing judgment to technologies that dictate nursing interventions. Sign up for the staffing symposium to discuss how nurses can advocate for their practice, profession and patients.

Responding to Unsafe Assignments: Learn to recognize situations that risk patients’ lives and nurses’ licenses. Hone the skills necessary to reject unsafe assignments and foster a culture on your unit that consistently advocates for appropriate staffing in order to protect your patients and your practice.

Leadership and Staffing: How do nursing mentors impact unsafe staffing situations? Examine ways in which mentors and charge nurses should advocate for patient safety as well as the professional practice of staff nurses. This class will facilitate conversation about leadership in nurses in staffing situations in healthcare facilities and beyond.

Nursing in the News: Have you read about some of the unique challenges that face modern nursing practice? What story about nursing has grabbed your attention recently? Join us for this interesting, relevant course that dives into some of the recent nursing stories making headlines.

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