MNA Leadership Training

MNA Leadership Training

Whether it’s contract negotiations, testifying at the Capitol, or advocating for patients and fellow healthcare workers, there are countless ways for MNA members to exercise leadership. These classes will hone your leadership skills and help you foster leadership in others.

MNA’s History of Empowering Nurses: The history of nursing in the Unites States is replete with political engagement and social activism. Learn about MNA leaders who questioned the status quo and challenged authority to move the nursing profession and the nurses’ union forward.

Leadership Skills: Identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Learn techniques to improve your leadership skills, to develop an effective team and to foster leadership in others to advance the goals of our union.

Managing Difficult Conversations: Have you heard sexist or racist comments at work, a co-worker gossiping about another nurse or badmouthing your union? Too often we avoid confronting a difficult conversation, and then we deny ourselves the opportunity for growth or overcoming a challenge. In this workshop we practice having conversations that foster empathy and understanding.

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