Nurse Staffing Symposium

Nurse Staffing Symposium

There are many challenges confronting nursing today from policies that erode independent nursing judgment to technologies that dictate nursing interventions. Sign up for the staffing symposium to discuss how nurses can advocate for their practice, profession and patients.

Responding to Unsafe Assignments: Learn to recognize situations that risk patients’ lives and nurses’ licenses. Hone the skills necessary to reject unsafe assignments and foster a culture on your unit that consistently advocates for appropriate staffing in order to protect your patients and your practice.

The Bedside RN and the Role of the Charge Nurse: Examine ways in which the charge nurse should advocate for patient safety as well as the professional practice of staff nurses. This class will facilitate conversation between the bedside nurse and the charge nurse.

Moral Injury: Imagine a hospital or a clinic whose every policy and procedure reflect the highest standards of nursing ethics. Does the facility where you work reflect that? Have you experienced policies that do not put patient safety and family well-being first? What should MNA members do when they are asked to violate their professional code of Ethics? Join us for this course to discuss pressing ethical issues at the bedside and in healthcare more broadly.

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