Fairview Ridges Nurses Are Stronger Together

Fairview Ridges Nurses Are Stronger Together

Three Nurses

Fairview Ridges nurses put patients first, providing safe, quality care to all patients at all times.

You work long hours under stressful conditions, giving patients the expert care they need.

Do you and your co-workers have a say in staffing decisions like low needing, decisions about the grid, and mandating?

Do you have a voice in patient care? Do you feel Fairview corporate treats you fairly?

Nurses at other Fairview hospitals have a voice in their workplaces and the ability to advocate for patients and their profession because they are part of the Minnesota Nurses Association.

They are on a level playing field with management when they negotiate benefits and working conditions.

Ridges nurses are missing out on  the many benefits guaranteed to other Fairview nurses.

The Minnesota Nurses Association is a member-driven, democratically run union that MNA that empowers members to use their collective strength, knowledge, and experience to advance and enhance safe and professional nursing practice, nursing leadership, and community health and well-being, including access to quality healthcare for all.

Ridges nurses deserve the same treatment as other Fairview nurses! Contact Travis Thibodeau at 800-536-4662, ext. 196; Matt Parris at 800-536-4662, ext. 198 to find out how!

And check out this blog post about what happens when hospitals consolidate for more information about hospital mergers.


  How’s your shift?

Does Fairview corporate give you the resources and time you need to provide quality, safe care for all your patients? Do you have the proper number of patients to care for at one time? Do you have a voice to advocate for your patients’ needs?

Or is management unilaterally low-needing or mandating you? Is management refusing to address short staffing issues?

MNA fights for issues important to you with a united front of nurses who stand together for each other.

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Contact Info

Travis Thibodeau at 800-536-4662, ext. 196

Matt Parris at 800-536-4662, ext. 198.