MNA 2017 Candidate Endorsements

MNA 2017 Candidate Endorsements


City of Duluth

Duluth City Council – District 2: Joel Sipress

Duluth City Council – At Large: Zack Filipovich

Duluth City Council – At Large: Janet Kennedy

Read our press release about our Duluth MNA Endorsed Candidates.

City of St. Paul

St. Paul Mayor:  Dai Thao

City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis Mayor:  Raymond Dehn

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 1:  Jillia Pessenda

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 2:  Cam Gordon

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 3:  Ginger Jentzen

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 4:  Barb Johnson

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 5:  Jeremiah Ellison

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 6:  Abdi Warsame

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 7:  Lisa Goodman

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 8:  Andrea Jenkins

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 9:  Alondra Cano

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 10:  Lisa Bender

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 11:  John Quincy

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 12:  Andrew Johnson

Minneapolis City Council – Ward 13:  Linea Palmisano

Read our press release about our Minneapolis and St. Paul MNA Endorsed Candidates.

2017 MNA Precinct Guide for Members

2017 Minneapolis Caucus and Convention Dates

2017 St. Paul Caucus and Convention Dates

2017 Safe Staffing Resolution

2017 Single Payer Healthcare for All Resolution

Like it or not, politicians play a huge role in shaping healthcare in general and the nursing profession in particular. One example is the ongoing campaign urging state leaders to pass legislation aimed at creating a minimum standard of care in all Minnesota Hospitals. Participating in MNA’s campaign gives us the power and the universal voice to do what we do best – advocate for our patients.

Why should nurses even care about or participate in politics?

Though we realize that as an organization with 20,000 members, we’ll never all agree on every one of our political views; there are issues at stake that affect all of our practices, and we must be involved in politics and policy-making to ensure that nurses and the patients we advocate for are at the table.  A key organizational priority of the Minnesota Nurses Association is to work to elect politicians who will implement nurse-friendly public policy, including safe staffing and single payer healthcare legislation.

How does MNA evaluate and endorse candidates?

MNA endorses candidates after nurse leaders look closely at a candidate’s position on issues that directly affect nursing, healthcare, and working families. MNA endorsements are not based on party or ideological issues that are not related to nursing.

To get involved, contact:

Jackie O’Shea, Political Organizer          

Cameron Fure, Political Organizer       

Katie Gjertson, Political Coordinator