Webinar Series: Healing the Social and Economic Effects of COVID-19

Thursday, Aug 13 2020, 5:00pm–Thursday, Aug 13 2020, 8:00pm


You are invited to a series of webinars that examine the social and economic challenges highlighted and caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; the underlying social and economic problems that have augmented these challenges; and what we can do collectively to address these underlying problems and the challenges they’ve created. You are welcome to join all five webinars or join only some (or even just one!) according to what interests you most.

Please save the dates below if you are interested in joining us:

• Thursday, July 30th, Protecting Workers' Lives and Livelihoods in Times of Crisis, introduced by Cokie Giles
• Thursday, August 6th, Essential Work, Gender Health Equity, and COVID-19, introduced by Malinda Markowitz
• Thursday, August 13th, COVID-19 and the Future of Our Health Care System, introduced by Deborah Burger
• Thursday, August 20th, Racial Health Disparities and COVID-19, introduced by Zenei Cortez
• Thursday, August 27th, COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis, introduced by Jean Ross

For more information on the webinars or to register, please click on this link

Just a reminder that these are open to everyone – so feel free to invite both nurses and the community allies with whom you all work as well.

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