By Tara Fugate

MNA Strategic Researcher

Hospital and health system consolidation is a rapidly expanding trend across the country, and Minnesota is no exception. Many large and mid-sized health systems have been looking to privatize the state’s dwindling number of public hospitals, combine smaller non-profit systems, and also incorporate physicians’ groups and outpatient services into hospital systems. The driving arguments to lobby for these mergers are that larger entities can provide more integrated care and have the ability to make bigger financial investments to improve the quality of care via new tools, such as electronic health records systems. Many studies, however, have shown that price, cost and quality of care are not improved by mergers (see below for links).
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By Rick Fuentes

MNA Communications Specialist


Ok, this might be painful.  It’s not easy to agree with the powers-that-be in Washington, regardless of who’s in the White House, and especially with one that’s also gone so bombastic with rhetoric as to denigrate entire religious, ethnic, and racial groups of Americans.  It’s even harder when that administration is threatening to take away healthcare from people who desperately need it. Regardless, the criticism toward CNN and the Trump critics is right. The news (and the high-profile Trump) critics need to raise their game.


A few weeks ago, CNN was forced to apologize and retract a story a Russian bank with close ties to President Trump was under investigation, according to the New York Times.
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By Geri Katz

MNA Healthcare Reform Specialist


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the parliamentary election in the U.K., and the Labour Party’s pledge to enact a nationwide safe staffing law if they won a majority of the votes. While the Labour Party shocked observers and the Conservative Party by taking many more seats than expected, they did not win a majority. But U.K. nurses have won another victory that’s worth noting.

Eleanor Smith, a theatre (surgical) nurse for the National Health Service (NHS) was elected as part of the wave of Labour victories on June 8.
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People's Summit

By Jon Tollefson

MNA Government Relations Specialist

Much has been made of a conference that former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Senators hosted in Chicago last month. The New York Times and Washington Post both covered it (among a reported 180 news outlets) and both asked whether the Democratic Party is facing a split following the 2016 campaign. But the evidence doesn’t point that way.


The People’s Summit centered on the future of the progressive movement and how we can win elections. The main theme, as stated by Senator Sanders, was that “People are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics,” noting that our lives will not get better by keeping the establishment in power.
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Peoples Summit

By Katie Gjertson

MNA Political Coordinator

This past June 9 – 11, more than 4,000 of my closest friends and strongest allies (nurses, community members, Bernie supporters, environmentalists, activists, and big-name speakers) got together to collaborate, plan, share ideas and strategies, and generally be inspired by one another. Here are my top ten favorite moments from the People’s Summit in Chicago that will maybe inspire more to come next year!

  1. Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner. Wow! Nina Turner is my hero! Nina had several speaking opportunities on stage, but, hands-down, the highlight was her Sunday morning talk titled, “Wake-up for Justice.” Nina, in a dress and tennis shoes, worked the crowd, roaming up and down the aisles as she talked about the movement moment we are in while drawing connections to the American Revolution and the Civil Rights movement.
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Press Release:  Minnesota Nurses Buy and Forgive $2.6 million of Medical Debt

Minnesota Nurses Association

Minnesota Nurses Buy and Forgive $2.6 million of Medical Debt
Nurses Repay Community for Help During Strike

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662
rick.fuentes@mnnurses.orgBarbara Brady
(o) 651-414-2849
(c) 651-202-0845

(St. Paul) – June 19, 2017 – Members of the Minnesota Nurses Association purchased the past due accounts of 1,800 families that will be forgiven in order to free these Minnesotans from the burden of oppressive medical debt. 
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nurse protest

By Geri Katz

 MNA Healthcare Reform Specialist

In the lead-up to tomorrow’s June 8 election in the United Kingdom, the Labour Party has pledged to nurses of the National Health Service to:

Two things about this remarkable pledge are worth noting for MNA nurses:

  1. This is what political power looks like.
  2. In a single payer healthcare system, the government has the leverage to make reforms to standards of care and working conditions across the country.
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By Jackie O’Shea

MNA Government Affairs Administrative Assistant

As the Governmental Affairs Assistant for MNA, I don’t typically write blogs. I support the political and legislative staff and send you all the emails about Day on the Hill, calls to action, events, and volunteering. However, I’m currently filling in on this week’s blog for MNA Political Organizer Extraordinaire Eileen Gavin, who is out on maternity leave for the summer.


I speak for all my co-workers and fellow union brothers and sisters who take pride in working for and belonging to a union that values the importance of family first.
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Minnesota Nurses Endorse Candidates for Duluth City Council


Flipovich, Kennedy, and Sipress Praised for Supporting Nurse Values

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Rick Fuentes
(o) 651-414-2863
(c) 612-741-0662

(St. Paul) – May 31, 2017 – The Board of Directors of the Minnesota Nurses Association has approved the endorsements of Joel Sipress for Duluth’s District 2 City Council seat and Zack Flipovich and Janet Kennedy for the two at-large positions.  All candidates were screened by a committee of MNA nurses, which submitted its recommendations to the board.

Sipress won endorsement thanks to his work advocating for workers at the Duluth Whole Foods Co-op. 
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By Cameron Fure

MNA Political Organizer

As consumers, we have considerable power with where we choose to spend our dollars. Corporations and businesses respond to consumer demands and market trends by changing their product mix and how they deliver services to their customers. Here’s what we can do to ensure our hard-earned dollars support fairness and equality in the workplace.

For starters, we all gotta eat, but most of us don’t give much thought about which grocery store we support beyond their prices or product selection. As with most things in life, not all grocery stores are created equal when it comes to how they treat their workers.
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