Senior Researcher

ACCOUNTABLE TO:       Director of Field Operations

Works to promote and achieve the goals and priorities of the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA). Working with a team to plan and implement the initiatives of MNA in accordance with Association policy. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in member education and training, in conjunction with other departments, on campaign research and strategy.
  • Analyzing the financial and quality records of public agencies and publicly funded private agencies.
  • Creatively applying traditional and non-traditional research methods to union campaigns.
  • Conducting industry and political power analysis for strategic targeting, identifying key industry trends, and developing innovative policy or regulatory strategies.
  • Developing and implementing campaign and strategic research strategies and developing appropriate research findings.
  • Independently preparing professional level reports for multi-department campaign teams to use for contract negotiations, media persuasion, member education, and presentations before public boards and commissions on behalf of the members and the union.
  • Applying research findings to support communication strategies, developing communication related products such as, media “sound bites” or memorable elements pertinent for media or membership, interesting and effective presentations for member and staff training (throughout the continuum of novice-expert) and persuasive reports and presentations.
  • Leading research training for members and staff in simple research projects including budget analysis, industry-wide wage and benefit comparisons and how to develop costing analysis for contract bargaining.
  • Ability to manage the research component of large and strategic research projects as a part of a multi-department campaign team.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Manager of Field Operations.
  • Travel is required, including overnight stays. Work from home is a possibility, particularly for those who live in Greater Minnesota.
  • Developing member education and training, in conjunction with other departments, on campaign research and strategy.
  • Participating thoughtfully in developing strategic research and campaign strategy and providing recommendations for the most effective use of research for Sr. level staff and member leaders.
  • Serving as a Local Union expert witness in mediation, arbitration, contract negotiations, public agency and quasi-public agency meetings with elected officials and high level local, state or federal government authorities.
  • Mentoring and developing research positions associated with field operations.

Education: Master’s degree is preferred. Comprehensive Campaign Research certificate or training required. Equivalent work experience will be considered.

Experience: A minimum of 4 years research experience. Demonstrated knowledge of unions, labor relations, and labor law required. Excellent analytical and problem-solving, research & quantitative skills are required. Experience as a union advocate in areas of internal and/or external organizing, contract negotiations, and contract administration is required. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in the health care industry is preferred. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to lead and motivate others are essential. Lead or supervisorial experience preferred. 

SALARY:  Salary range is $82,139 – $157,560 with initial placement on the wage scale depending on experience and qualifications. Step increases per collective bargaining agreement. MNA is an EEO/AA Employer.

CONTACT: Send your resume and cover letter to Wesley DeBerry, MNA Human Resources Manager, at