District & MNA-Endorsed Candidates




District 1 Senate Candidate Kip Fontaine L
District 2 Senator Rod Skoe L *
District 2B Representative Candidate Brian Klabunde L
District 3 Senator Tom Bakk W
District 3A Representative Rob Ecklund W
District 3B Representative Mary Murphy W
District 4 Senator Kent Eken W
District 5 Senator Tom Saxhaug L *
District 5A Representative John Persell L
District 5B Representative Tom Anzelc L *
District 6 Senator David Tomassoni W
District 6A Representative Candidate Julie Sandstede W
District 6B Representative Jason Metsa W
District 7 Senate Candidate Erik Simonson W
District 7A Representative Jennifer Schultz W
District 7B Representative Candidate Liz Olson W
District 8 Senate Candidate Shawn Olson L
District 8A Representative Candidate CJ Holl L
District 8B Representative Candidate Gail Kulp L
District 9A Representative Candidate Meg Litts L
District 9B Representative Candidate Dustin Simmonds L
District 10A Representative Candidate Quinn Nystrom L
District 10B Representative Candidate Erin Wagner L
District 11 Senator Tony Lourey W
District 11A Representative Mike Sundin W
District 11B Representative Candidate Tom Jones L *
District 12 Senate Candidate Russ Hinrichs L
District 12A Representative Candidate Jay McNamar L *
District 13 Senate Candidate Michael Willemsen L
District 14 Senate Candidate Dan Wolgamott L Recount *
District 14A Representative Candidate Aric Putnam L *
District 14B Representative Candidate Zach Dorholt L *
District 15A Representative Candidate Kent Lestrud L
District 15B Representative Candidate Karla Scapanski L
District 16A Representative Candidate Al Kruse L
District 16B Representative Candidate Austin Grossenburg L
District 17 Senator Lyle Koenen L *
District 17A Representative Candidate Andrew Falk L *
District 17B Representative Candidate Mary Sawatzky L *
District 18 Senate Candidate Amy Wilde L
District 18B Representative Candidate Darrel Mosel L
District 19 Senate Candidate Nick Frentz W
District 19A Representative Clark Johnson W
District 19B Representative Jack Considine W
District 20 Senator Kevin Dahle L *
District 20B Representative David Bly W
District 21A Representative Candidate Lisa Bayley L *
District 21B Representative Candidate Elise Diesslin L
District 22 Senate Candidate Brian Abrahamson L
District 22B Representative Rod Hamilton W
District 23A Representative Candidate Zac Huntley L
District 23B Representative Candidate Josh Haseman L
District 24A Representative Candidate Bev Cashman L
District 24B Representative Candidate Patti Fritz L *
District 25A Representative Candidate Linda Walbruch L
District 26 Senate Candidate Richard Wright L *
District 26A Representative Tina Liebling W
District 26B Representative Candidate John Wayne Austinson L
District 28A Representative Gene Pelowski W
District 28B Representative Greg Davids W *
District 29 Senate Candidate Janice Kittok L
District 29A Representative Candidate Cortney Phillips L
District 29B Representative Candidate Steve Kilburn L
District 30B Representative Candidate Margaret Fernandez L
District 31B Representative Candidate Susan Larson L
District 32 Senate Candidate Tim Nelson L
District 32A Representative Candidate Paul Gammel L
District 32B Representative Candidate Laurie Warner Special Election 2/14
District 33 Senate Candidate Sherrie Pugh L
District 33B Representative Candidate Brad Brothen L
District 34 Senate Candidate Bonnie Westlin L
District 34A Representative Candidate Dave Craig L
District 34B Representative Candidate Kristin Bahner L
District 35 Senator Jim Abeler W
District 35A Representative Candidate Andy Hillebregt L
District 36 Senator John Hoffman W *
District 36A Representative Candidate Kevin Parker L *
District 36B Representative Melissa Hortman W *
District 37 Senate Candidate Jerry Newton W *
District 37A Representative Candidate Erin Koegel W
District 37B Representative Candidate Susan Witt L *
District 38 Senate Candidate Patrick Davern L
District 38A Representative Candidate Kevin Fogarty L
District 38B Representative Candidate Ami Wazlawik L
District 39A Representative Candidate Jody Anderson L
District 39B Representative Candidate Alan Kantrud L *
District 40 Senator Chris Eaton W
District 40A Representative Michael Nelson W
District 40B Representative Debra Hilstrom W
District 41 Senate Candidate Carolyn Laine W
District 41A Representative Connie Bernardy W
District 41B Representative Candidate Mary Kunesh-Podein W
District 42A Representative Barb Yarusso L *
District 42B Representative Candidate Jamie Becker-Finn W
District 43 Senator Chuck Wiger W
District 43A Representative Peter Fischer W *
District 43B Representative Leon Lillie W
District 44 Senate Candidate Deborah Calvert L Recount *
District 44A Representative Candidate Ginny Klevorn L *
District 44B Representative Jon Applebaum W
District 45 Senator Ann Rest W
District 45A Representative Lyndon Carlson W
District 45B Representative Mike Freiberg W
District 46 Senator Ron Latz W
District 46A Representative Peggy Flanagan W
District 46B Representative Cheryl Youakim W
District 47 Senate Candidate Darryl Scarborough L
District 48 Senate Candidate Steve Cwodzinski W *
District 49 Senator Melisa Franzen W *
District 49A Representative Ron Erhardt L *
District 49B Representative Paul Rosenthal W
District 50 Senator Melissa Halvorson Wiklund W
District 50A Representative Linda Slocum W
District 50B Representative Candidate Andrew Carlson W *
District 51 Senator Jim Carlson W *
District 51A Representative Sandra Masin L
District 51B Representative Laurie Halvorson W *
District 52 Senate Candidate Matthew Klein W
District 52B Representative Candidate Mary T’Kach L *
District 53A Representative JoAnn Ward W
District 53B Representative Candidate Alberder Gillespie L
District 54 Senate Candidate Dan Schoen W *
District 54A Representative Candidate Jen Peterson L
District 54B Representative Candidate Don Slaten L *
District 55A Representative Candidate Mary Hernandez L
District 55B Representative Candidate Cecelia Haakenson L
District 56 Senate Candidate Phillip Sterner L
District 56A Representative Candidate Jared Christiansen L
District 56B Representative Candidate Lindsey Port L *
District 57 Senator Greg Clausen W *
District 57A Representative Candidate Erin Maye Quade W *
District 57B Representative Candidate John Huot L *
District 58 Senate Candidate Matt Little W
District 59 Senator Bobby Jo Champion W
District 59A Representative Candidate Fue Lee W
District 60 Senator Kari Dziedzic W
District 60A Representative Diane Loeffler W
District 60B Representative Candidate Ilhan Omar W
District 61 Senator Scott Dibble W
District 61A Representative Frank Hornstein W
District 61B Representative Paul Thissen W
District 62A Representative Karen Clark W
District 62B Representative Susan Allen W
District 63A Representative Jim Davnie W
District 63B Representative Jean Wagenius W
District 64 Senator Dick Cohen W
District 64A Representative Erin Murphy W
District 64B Representative Dave Pinto W
District 65 Senator Sandy Pappas W
District 65A Representative Rena Moran W
District 66 Senator John Marty W
District 66A Representative Alice Hausman W
District 66B Representative John Lesch W
District 67 Senator Foung Hawj W
District 67A Representative Tim Mahoney W
District 67B Representative Sheldon Johnson W
Linda Hamilton, North Suburban Hospital Board W

National Nurses United Endorsements

Angie Craig, Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District L
Keith Ellison, Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District W
Rick Nolan, Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District W

Like it or not, politicians play a huge role in shaping healthcare in general and the nursing profession in particular. One example is the ongoing campaign urging state leaders to pass legislation aimed at creating a minimum standard of care in all Minnesota Hospitals. Participating in MNA’s campaign gives us the power and the universal voice to do what we do best – advocate for our patients.
Why should nurses even care about or participate in politics?
Though we realize that as an organization with 20,000 members, we’ll never all agree on every one of our political views; there are issues at stake that affect all of our practices, and we must be involved in politics and policy-making to ensure that nurses and the patients we advocate for are at the table.A key organizational priority of the Minnesota Nurses Association is to work to elect politicians who will implement nurse-friendly public policy, including safe staffing and single payer healthcare legislation.

How does MNA evaluate and endorse candidates?

MNA endorses candidates after nurse leaders look closely at a candidate’s position on issues that directly affect nursing, healthcare, and working families. MNA endorsements are not based on party or ideological issues that are not related to nursing.

To get involved, contact:

Eileen Gavin, Political Organizer

Katie Gjertson, Political Coordinator