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Nursing’s Vision for Health Care Reform
The Minnesota Nurses Association would like to partner with other like-minded organizations in forming a coalition to work toward health care reform. As a starting point for the discussion we are interested in beginning with the Nursing profession’s vision for health care reform to build a coalition and develop sound health care policies to achieve this vision.

We Support Guaranteeing Health Care as a Right and Achieving Universal Coverage

Health care continues to be a crisis politically, socially and economically for many in our state and nation. We believe health care is a basic human right and that the health care system must be restructured to assure access to affordable essential health services to all citizens and residents by 2010.

We Believe We Must Restructure Health Care Delivery to Focus on Prevention & Community Based Care
The health care industry must be reshaped and redirected from overuse of expensive, technology driven, acute, hospital-based services to a model that balances high tech treatment with community based preventive and health promotion services as the foundation. A key to reform requires the restructuring the delivery and location of services, as well as expanding the availability of community-based services with expanded categories of providers.

We Must Reform Health Care to Focus on Quality
Health care reform must focus on quality indicators in order to both improve health care outcomes and reduce health costs. We support the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) recommendations that changes be based on evidence based health care policies and practices that attend to these quality indicators:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Patient-Centered
  • Timely
  • Efficient and
  • Equitable

We Support Reducing Complexities in Health Care Financing By Moving toward Single-Payer System
Reform of the health care system will require fundamental changes. Recognizing the complexity of health care financing, ultimately we believe a single-payer system (a Medicare like insurance program for all citizens and residents) is the most desirable form of financing health care.

A single-payer system will be fairer, less complex and more sustainable. Further, this financing mechanism will allow a more efficient change to illness prevention, health promotion and disease/illness management as the most important focus of health care services.

We Support Improving Workplace Conditions Including

  • Prohibiting Mandatory Overtime
  • Setting Safe Staffing Levels