By Rose Roach

MNA Executive Director


The Minnesota Nurses Association supports the Minnesota Health Act as proposed by Roseville Senator John Marty and Northfield Representative David Bly (SF 219/HF358). We say loudly and enthusiastically, it’s about time. Finally, we see the proven solution to the healthcare crisis that rages on in this state and in this country.

Nurses don’t care about your insurance card or your credit card—the only card they’re interested in is your get-well card. As natural advocates for their patients and front line workers in the healthcare world, who better to articulate the reality of a system that puts corporate greed over human need?
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by Jon Tollefson

MNA Government Relations Specialist

A lot of people saw what was happening and which way the election was going, but they felt the political elite didn’t listen to them. And they were probably right. People tend to get into their own bubbles and stay there, echo chambers of agreement. That makes it hard to see and understand one another.


Minnesota’s nurses are diverse in terms of race, age, and certainly political beliefs. Many nurses likely continue to feel outrage and deep sadness at the results of the election while others celebrated a victory and a sense that, finally, they’ve been heard.
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By Mathew Keller, RN JD
Regulatory and Policy Nursing Specialist


Despite all of its bad deals and big debts, Allina Health is still making piles of money. As this space detailed back in June, Allina has made more than $1.3 billion dollars in net revenue over the past 6 years for which financial disclosures are available. That’s after expenses, including salaries, $23.9 million in executive pay, millions to buy out McDonalds’ lease, $60 million lost on bad loans, and so on.

While Allina is a not-for-profit company, it still has to pay taxes on things like capital gains.
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By Laura Sayles

MNA Governmental Affairs Specialist
Congratulations MNA Endorsed Candidates!

In Tuesday’s Minnesota Primaries, many MNA endorsed candidates who had primary opponents won their races and will move on to November’s General Election.

MNA was proud to be one of only two unions to endorse Ilhan Omar in her race for the DFL endorsement in House District 60B.  MNA nurses were impressed by the work she has done on winning paid parental leave for Minneapolis city employees, banning environmentally harmful containers, restricting the use of pollinator-harming pesticides, and expanding the use of restorative justice in Minneapolis.  Her story of her entry into politics through interpreting for her grandfather at local DFL caucuses leading to her to work for change at the grassroots level inspired MNA nurses to support her bid for the DFL endorsement. 
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By Shannon Cunningham

Director of Governmental and Community Relations

It’d be great if we all could elect our own boss. And the boss’ boss. And the boss’ boss’ boss. A vote against is a vote to fire them. A yes vote is a vote to hire them. Most importantly, no vote at all signals that you just don’t care. Sound familiar? Maybe because we actually can do that now.

It’s why elections matter. Take Attorney General Laurie Swanson, for example. The Minnesota Nurses Association has had a longstanding great relationship with AG Swanson. We have worked with her extensively on issues, such as fair billing practices at hospitals and preventing a merger of Sanford Health and the University of Minnesota..
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By Eileen Gavin

MNA Political Organizer

In the entryway of my house, I have a bust of President John F. Kennedy, so I start and end my day looking in the eyes of one of my heroes. The other night, another mass shooting, another black man- this one caring for a man with autism- shot by police, tears rolled down my cheeks. I had to turn it all off. I looked to JFK.

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past.
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By Barb Brady

MNA Communications Specialist

Amid all the frustration and chaos at the closing hours of the Minnesota Legislature this past weekend, there was one bright spot. MNA members from the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter came to the Capitol to lobby for funding to increase safety at their hospital – and made a difference.

“It was quite the ride,” said Lori Olson, chair of the MNA State Employees Bargaining Unit. “We went to the Capitol and got seats on the floor. We let people know we need money, staff, and funding.”

Olson and other members began texting some legislators, explaining why the funding is needed.
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by Jon Tollefson

MNA Government Affairs Specialist


What a strange weekend! Most of it spent waiting for Senate DFLers and House Republicans to announce any agreements at all, whether on transportation, taxes, bonding, or the supplemental budget. At least the weather was nice, and the new Senate Office Building has comfortable hearing rooms and a lovely terrace overlooking the Capitol.


As often happens at the end of session, the last day was a frantic mix of private negotiations, quick floor sessions – and a lot of waiting around.


The House and Senate, as unfortunately has become usual, waited until the very last possible hour to finalize their agreements


Even then, they didn’t actually agree.
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